The Most Festive Bar Crawl of the Year

Saturday 12th December 2015

Santacon returns to Luxembourg for the third year in a row

SantaCon takes place in over 280 locations in 41 countries worldwide. For the third year in a row Santacon returns to the Grand Duchy in spectacular fashion. After the success of its debut in 2013 and reprise in 2014, Santacon Luxembourg (the trilogy) is set to be bigger and better than ever. This eagerly anticipated event is sure to be a seasonal highlight for the many people who have fond memories from last year and those who will be attending for the first time, be sure you are not the one to miss out this year!

This is a free event with all donations and profit going straight to a local (pigmentally appropriate) charity that benefits children. Have a beer to spread the cheer!

Come share a drink with us 12th December.

Where will you be when the Santa Claus’ take over?

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