Our Photographers

Say ‘Hello-ho-ho’ to our very own photographers, they will be around for the whole event capturing you at your most festive, so be sure to dress up and and get snapped!

Santa Joaquim
Born and raised in Luxembourg, Santa Joaquim has been working in the bank industry, like everyone else here! Fascinated by travelling and meeting people of different backgrounds, in 2006, Santa Joaquim started his “other” career as a snapshooter, viewing the world through the lenses of his camera. His photographs are not only documentary evidence of his travels, but are also his art, depicting people’s life stories and emotions. Santa Joaquim also studied photography at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg and has been involved in several photography projects supported by the Government of Luxembourg.

Santa NormanSanta Norman
Originally from Bavaria, Santa Norman took his first steps in photography back in the last millennium when he was working as industrial designer in Munich. Interrupted by serious studies of law he became a few years ago a passionate photographer and lawyer in Luxembourg.
Visually, he is attracted by shapes and patterns which mysterious beauty and energy are the only result of light and perspective. Capturing these true moments is his real passion. Currently he is working on a series of photographs dedicated to the woods which will be published shortly.

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