Where are we going?

The 2015 route is yet to be confirmed, the following is just an outline. We will announce the final route on our Facebook page!


Santas, Unite!

A flurry of Santas will meet at the Christmas market in Place d’Armes for a heart warming rendition of Jingle Bells and rounds of Gluhwein!


To the Palace!

Onwards to wish the Grand Duchy a very Merry Christmas. With many bars taking part this year, feel free to roam round and discover the delightful beverages within each establishment.


Before the Descent

Rue de la Boucherie is home to some of the most coveted bars in the ex-pat community, as ever we will be welcomed with open doors and flowing taps- so make the most of it!


Onwards and Downwards!

Santas are free to enjoy the stroll down to the Grund or to take the elevator just off of Place du St Esprit. Here the party really kicks off on both sides of the Alzette as we continue our adventure into the wonderful night.


And to All, a Goodnight!

The final stop of Santacon, and with a variety of pubs and clubs what better place to finish off the night. Santas disperse or move en masse- just be sure to spread the holiday cheer wherever you go!


Photo Point One: The Golden Lady (Noon-12:15)

Zone One: The Center (12:15-14:30):

After our first photo at the Golden Lady, we will head up toward Place d’Armes, stopping along the way for something hot or cold to drink in the many fine establishments along the way!

Photo Point Two: Place d’Armes (14:30-14:45)

Zone Two: The Palace (14:45- 18:00):

After congregating around the stage at the lovely Christmas market in Place d’Armes for some cheesing, we will work our way east toward the watering holes in the Palace area.

Photo Point Three: Place Clairfontaine (18:00-18:15)

Zone Three: The Grund (18:15-21:00):

The Palace bars are fun, but do not be late to the square at Place Clairfontaine, where we will take a pic with the statue of the Grand Duchess Charlotte! Then we trek down to the Grund to enjoy the bars in “low town.”

Photo Point Four: The Grund Bridge (21:00-21:15)

Zone Four: Clausen (21:15-00:00):

Enjoy your time in Grund, but do not forget about the final destination! After the Bridge photo opp and we will all march together up rue de la Tour Jacob en masse toward Clausen, where we will spend our final hours of SantaCon together! Do not forget the final photo point at 23:00! Hope to see you there.

Photo Point Five: The Coke Bottle (23:00-23:15)

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