SantaCon Etiquette

He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town.
  1. Santa does not make children cry. Really, if you see kids, do not purposefully do anything to freak them out.
  2. Santa dresses for all occasions. It’s December. Smart Santas wear multiple costume layers. Dress to maximize merriment, whether singing Christmas carols in the snow, or swinging from a stripper pole in a hot nightclub.
  3. Santa DOES NOT whine! Santas will be outside a lot and commuting mainly on foot.
  4. Drink responsibly.  Watching Santa get jolly, and a tad bit rowdy, is fun. Babysitting a Santa vomiting in an alley is not. DO NOT BE THAT SANTA.
  5. Make sure that you always pay for your drinks and tip the bar staff a bit, too. SantaCon is intended to be an annual event, so be polite and cultivate the goodwill of the local community.
  6. “No Santas left behind!” Santa is not inconsiderate of his fellow Santas. Enjoy SantaCon with a few people that you know, stick together and keep an eye out for each other throughout the day. Every Santa should have at least 2-3 other Santas they look out for and 2-3 that look out for them in turn.
  7. Dress up! You do not have to dress exactly like Santa, but make an effort to be thematically appropriate!
  8. No violence, mayhem, theft, defacement or destruction of property allowed!  This is about spreading holiday cheer and having fun.  This is not an excuse to misbehave and get away with it.  Remember, Santa is watching!!
  9. Santa does not drink and drive and neither should you. Check for public transport information, carpool with a designated sober driver, make arrangements to sleep over at someone’s place, rent a hotel room, etc.
  10. You MUST address everyone as “Santa” and you SHOULD “ho-ho-ho” like Santa.

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