Christmas-Themed Drinks

Some suggestions for you to indulge in, from longdrinks to shots, we have all your bases covered.

Download a copy of our menu for yourself!

Beer & Wine

Bier de Noel

Seasonal Christmas beer, typically orange


Cremant or Champagne with cranberry juice


Candy Cane Martini

2pts Vodka or Rum, 3pts Peppermint Liquer
(candy cane and/or sugar rim optional)

Snow Plow

3pts Bourbon, 1pt Peppermint Liquer

Christmas Kiss

1.5pts Amaretto, 1.5pt Peach Liquer, topped off with Cranberry Juice

Irish Eggnog

1 pt Guinness, 1 pt Rum, rest Eggnog


1 pt Midori, 2 pt Vodka, rest Sour Mix

Black Santa

1 pt Coffee Liqueur, 1 pt Peppermint Liqueur, 2 pts Vodka


1pt Amaretto, 1pt Southern Comfort, topped off with Pineapple Juice (mint leaf garnish optional)

Red Hot Santa-tini

1pt Chilli-infused Vodka, 1pt Chocolate Liquer
(whipped cream, cayenne & cocoa powder optional)

Silent Night

1pt Chambord, 1 pt Blackberry Liqueur, 2 pt Vodka, rest Soda Water (blackberries optional)

Jingle Bells

2 pt Gin, 1 pt Peppermint Liqueur, rest Ginger Ale

Snow Cap

1 pt Tequila, 1 pt Irish Cream

Snow Flake

1 pt Crème de Cacao, 1 pt Frangelico, rest Milk

Hot Drinks

Hot Buttered Rum

2pts Dark Rum, 1pt butter, 1pt brown sugar topped off with hot water (cinammon optional)


Warm wine with cinnamon and nutmeg

Mint Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps

Mulled Cider

Warm cider with cinnamon and nutmeg


Sugar Cookie

1 pt Butterscotch Liqueur, .5 pt Drambuie, 2 pt Irish Cream

Santa Shot

1 pt Guinness, 1 pt Rum, rest Eggnog

Peppermint Stick

1 pt Crème de Cacao, 1 pt Peppermint Liqueur, 1 pt milk/cream

Gingerbread Man

1 pt Bailey’s, 1 pt Golshlager, 1 pt Butterscotch Liqueur, 1 pt Vodka

Christmas Cookie

1 pt Peppermint Liqueur, 1 pt Bailey’s, 1 pt Kahlua

Reindeer Shooters

Beer, Bloody Mary Mix, Tabasco

Mini Grinch

2 pts Midori, .5 pt lemon juice, 1 tspn simple syrup

3 Wise Men

1 pt Jack Daniels, 1 pt Jim Beam, 1 pt Johnnie Walker

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